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Corporate Narration 

 My Background: Knowledge

Marian Mills is an African American voiceover artist from Viriginia. Marian is a disabled Army veteran with a bachelor's degree in social work.  As a professional voiceover artist, Marian is able to advocate for others using her voice to deliver the type of message whether it be informative, educational, empathic, heartfelt, direct, authoritative, or conversational for her clients.  She has used her powerful, reassuring voice on projects to include narrating corporate videos, podcasts, commercials, onboarding, e-Learning and explainer videos.


She draws from past experiences to provide versatility, authenticity and honesty.  Let her be the voice for your next project!  She has over 20 years of experience working with children and families serving as an advocate, life coach and liaison.  She served as an advocate in child protective services, educating families to prevent future abuse and neglect, mental health & substance abuse.  She has also worked in adult protective services and advocating veterans in the suicide prevention unit and housing.  Marian is known for saying, "I don’t just have a degree in social work, it is who I am" to describe how she feels about advocating for others.   

Gardening and bird watching are one of Marian's happy places, especially hummingbirds!!  Marian was blessed to be a dog mom for 12 years, but March 1, 2024, the tough decision had to be made to put her dog, Grumpy, down. She generally loves all things nature, except spiders! 


Marian's voice is authoritative, deep, warm, and moving, yet calming, inviting, and nurturing.  Her voice has been compared to Angela Bassett and Viola Davis.  She can bring depth to your commercial, narration, corporate video, radio announcements, explainer or eLearning video and even your political campaign ads.

Home Studio 

  • Custom Isolation Booth

  • R0DE NTG4 Shotgun Mic

  • DAW Adobe Audition

  • Scarlett Solo

  • Source Connect ID: marianmillsvoice

J. Charles, CA

“Thank you so much for the amazing recording! Everyone loves your voice so much!  The director of the live show asked for you!"

Hybe Corp, CA

"Everyone adores you! You were literally our favorite!"

A. Arias, GA

It was a pleasure working with you!

Mike, NC

Your work with our STEM career game was well-received and we’d like to invite you back for the same character.



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